19 октября 2017

Open source Kinect motion capture toolkit

I had developed an open source Kinect motion capture toolkit, and put it on GitHub.
If you want to make your own motion capture system, this is your best choice, it is completely free.

You need to compile it yourself, I only use the it on macOS, you can try compiling it for Linux and Windows, it should work.

I have successfully use it in Blender, here are the steps:
  1. Use the toolkit to generate BVH file.
  2. Import the BVH file to blender.
  3. Bind the character to the armature.
If you are using Rigify's metabone, you just need to adjust the armature slightly, here are the steps:
  1. Select the armature, enter 'Edit' mode, select all bones, press 'Ctrl' + 'N', click 'Recalculate Roll->with Global -Y axis'.
  2. Select the armature, enter 'Pose' mode, rename some bones, let them match the bone names of the BVH armature, and change the rotation mode from 'Quaternion(WXYX)' to 'ZYX Euler'.
  3. Bind the character to the armature.
  4. Use the toolkit to generate BVH file.
  5. Import the BVH file to blender.
  6. Delete the BVH armature.
  7. Select the armature, switch to 'Dope Sheet->Action Editor' interface, attach the motion clip.

18 октября 2017

Weekly Blender Developers meeting notes - October 16, 2017

1) Blender 2.79 release
  • 2.79a is needed, but not urgently, so meeting agreed on waiting after
    BConf to do it. Also, as a reminder, only trivial or safe fixes shall be
    backported from master to blender-2.79-release branch.
  • Help from other devs to triage, backport and test commits from master
    into 2.79 would be appreciated, a separated email will be sent to
    bf-commiters later with details on that topic.
2) Blender 2.8 projects
  • Not much to report, works keeps on going.
  • Campbell Barton did tool system proposal (with proof of concept
    patch). Weekly notes.
  • Bastien Montagne keeps working on the asset management system, among
    other things, added initial drag-and-adrop linking. Weekly notes.
  • Sergey Sharybin had a small week. Weekly notes.
  • Joshua Leung reminds that the advanced new Grease Pencil work shall be
    merged in main 2.8 branch in comming days.
3) Other projects
  • Nothing mentioned here, aside from Sergey noting that he will take
    down development.blender.org server some time this week (probably this
    tuesday) to do some maintenance work.

11 октября 2017

Storyboarder, свободный пакет для раскадровки сцен

Студия Wonder Unit развивает открытый пакет Storyboarder, упрощающий проведение работы по раскадровке в процессе подготовки к съёмке фильма/анимации/рекламы или просто для визуализации возникающих идей.

Под раскадровкой понимается создание серии картинок, предварительно визуализирующих состав будущих сцен, показывающих размещение персонажей и важных объектов, и их последовательность в соответствии с сюжетной линией. Код Storyboarder написан на языке JavaScript и распространяется под лицензией MIT c дополнительными исключениями: запрет на продажу и требование указать ссылку на оригинал при распространении.

На днях вышел 13 выпуск программы, которая пока не вышла из стадии бета-тестирования. Бинарные сборки поставляются для Linux (AppImage), macOS и Windows.   

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